2019 Fireworks Fours
Current Rink Allocations

- Here, the current rink allocations are displayed.
  You can modify the allocations and save back to the database.
- You also have the option (select via tick box) to transfer
    to the Competition Table if you are happy with the allocations.
- In other words, you can (a) Save, OR (b) Save and Transfer

( Rinks table = pt_aust_rinks_2019 )

Rink Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
A1   v     v     v  
A2   v     v     v  
A3   v     v     v  
A4   v     v     v  
A5   v     v     v  
A6   v     v     v  
B1   v     v     v  
B2   v     v     v  
B3   v     v     v  
B4   v     v     v  
B5   v     v     v  
B6   v     v     v