Edit Fixtures Table (Round Assignments)
Season 2019-2020

Here a round number can be assigned to any game (i.e. Womens Tuesday or Mens Saturday etc) for any date.
First select date, then 'load data' to display round assignments (if any) for all games.
If changes are required, select round number for a particular game then 'Update' to load back into the fixtures table otherwise Close Window.


Fixture round assignments for  

id (read only)
d03 (date) (read only)
d05 (spare)
d06 (spare)
wt (Women Tue)Select
wta (Women Tue Div 4)Select
mt (Men Thu)Select
mta (Men Thu Div 6)Select
wf (Women Fri)Select
wfa (Women Fri alt)Select
ws (Women Sat)Select
wsa (Women Sat alt)Select
ms (Men Sat)Select
msa (Men Sat Div 6)Select
cg (Club games)Select
cga (Club games)Select
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